Unleash your Pursuit of Blogging

Download the Niche Infographic below to discover your perfectly-suited blogging niche and start your blogging adventure.

What's the Pursuit of Blogging?

Before we begin to define it, let's start by defining the term 'pursuit'.

Pursuit: The action of pursuing someone or something.

But what does this definition really mean to you, the upcoming blogger?

It's simply the action of pursuing your blogging idea.

But for us to really appreciate this phrase, we must visualize this action as some sort of journey.

Because this action isn't something spontaneous. Neither is it something that can be completed within a single day.

This action is a journey. A long one in fact. And all journeys have one thing in common--they have a starting point.

What's the starting point of your blogging journey?

It begins with the conception of your blogging idea deep inside your brain. It's the time where you fantasize and later on critically think about your idea. It's the period where you ask yourself soul-searching questions like:

  • What am I passionate at?
  • How do I discover my blogging niche?
  • Is my blogging idea worth it?
  • How do I translate my blogging idea into a fully fledged profitable blog?
  • Who are my ideal readers?

This is the first action in your blogging pursuit. It's usually a time of thorough self reflection where you examine your passions, your hobbies and your current career.

It's also the stage where you'd like to expose your idea to the world on your blog.

The time you realize that you want to add value to others through your content.

I usually like to call this first part of your blogging pursuit as the Genesis Stage.

For your blog to grow into an irresistible authority in your niche, it must be properly founded at the Genesis Stage.

Which is why I prepared this short but value packed infographic that showcases 5 simple steps to follow when discovering your niche.

If you want to discover your pursuit or essence of blogging, then this short (only 2 pages long) infographic can really assist you with that.

Ready to Start your Blogging Journey?

What if finding o​ut your blogging niche isn't what you're after?

Maybe finding out your blogging niche isn't your goal right now. You've done that already. Maybe what you want is something that'll guide you along your blogging journey.

Well, I've prepared a short but value-packed ebook to use with your new blog. It'll still help you during this formative stage of your blog (ahem, the Genesis Stage).

Did I mention that it's absolutely free?