Hi, I'm Nicholas Muema.


Let me just say a heartfelt thank-you for taking a peek at my blog.


Hi, I'm Nicholas Muema.

Let me just say a heartfelt thank-you for taking a small peek at my blog. 

I started Blogger's Pursuit to help you, as an upcoming blogger, kick-start your blog.

If you've ever fancied being an entrepreneur, blogging is an avenue you can use to hone your entrepreneurial skills.

It's also a platform you can use to pursue your passion. Maybe that's your side hustle, or, it's something that you do that gives you a profound sense of satisfaction.

But blogging isn't easy. Especially if you do it yourself. 

Of course you can take the easy way out, i.e, procrastinate starting your blog till infinity.

You may also think that you don't have what it takes to start your blog. That maybe your blogging niche isn't profitable.

That possibly, your blog may not attract readers, or to put in a better way, a following.

Yes, these fears are real. In fact, they haunt me every single day.

But that's not the mentality I want you to have. It always makes you find an excuse of not starting your online business.

Instead, think of the impact your content will have on your readers. Think of the positive value your blog can create to your following no matter how small it may seem.

So if you're eager to set sail, you'll need a ship that'll navigate you through the vast blogging sea.

And that ship is the Blogging Guide eBook.

The ship is ready. The question is, are you?

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