5 Incredible Ways to Increase your Blog’s Engagement with your Audience
Oct 25

5 Incredible Ways to Increase your Blog’s Engagement with your Audience

By Nicholas Muema | Blogging 101 , Content Marketing

Some time back, when I was a kid, my mum sent me to the shop. She gave me the money and explained to me the items I needed to buy.

So I made a beeline to the shop, hoping I would buy myself some sweets with the left-over change.

But when I got there, something bizarre happened.

I couldn’t remember the stuff I needed to buy.

Not. Even. One.

I stood there staring blankly at the shopkeeper wondering what to do next.

Going back home was quite a distance. But that wasn’t the problem.

I simply didn’t know what to say to my mum once I got there.

With all the courage my 7-year-old-self could muster, I explained the strange situation to my mum. Luckily, she understood and wrote down the items for me.

I happily handed over the list to the shopkeeper and bought the items with incredible haste.

And yeah, I bought myself some tasty-looking sweets with the left-over change.

So, what does this story have to do with the post?

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Oct 16

How to Develop Your Blog’s Persona Using the Power of Storytelling

By Nicholas Muema | Blogging 101

Let’s travel back in time to our earliest years of life.

Our childhood.

Remember when your grandpa or grandma used to summon you in the evening, along with your buddies?

You knew exactly what he/she called you for--to listen to the evening story.

So you gather around the makeshift fire, eagerly anticipating the story to start.

Right now, you realize that each story was full of exaggeration.

But your young mind didn’t care for that.


Your childhood mind was completely blown away by the story. Nothing else mattered in that moment other than that folklore.

The way your grandparents infused life to the fictional characters made the stories feel exceedingly realistic.

Your grandpa or grandma used storytelling to explain profound lessons in a way that your childhood mind could understand.

That’s because storytelling does two jobs in sync; it grabs attention, and sells the main lesson(s) of that story with utmost ease.

Storytelling does two jobs in sync; it grabs attention, and sells the main lesson(s) of a story with utmost ease.

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And I’ll show you why you need to develop a story around your blog’s persona.

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Oct 01

How to Start Your Blog and Grow it into an Authority

By Nicholas Muema | Blogging 101 , Content Marketing , Entrepreneurship

So you want to be a blogger?

That’s great!




But before we light up those fireworks, l want to ask you an honest question:

Why do you want to start this blog?

On the surface, it looks like a relatively simple question. And it is. The responses though, are as varied as they come:

  • I want my blog to rank for some keywords.
  • I want my blog to discuss the latest gossip.
  • I want my blog to earn me passive income from banner ads.
  • I see my blog as an extension of myself. It’s a medium where I can convey my opinions and showcase my life in general.
  • I want my blog...
  • These responses are valid. They answer the question perfectly. But here's the problem.

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    The Expectations
    Sep 30

    Here’s What to Expect When You Become a Blogger (#4 will inspire you)

    By Nicholas Muema | Blogging 101 , Entrepreneurship

    Starting a blog is similar to starting an online business.

    Starting a business means that you have made the decision of being your own boss.

    Being your own boss means overcoming the fears that plague many first-time bloggers:

    • Will people ever read my blog?
    • Will it be successful?
    • Will I make thousands of dollars from my blog?
    • Will I be comfortable with my blog’s niche?

    Becoming a blogger means stepping away from your comfort zone. And we know how hard that is, right?

    While you are in your comfort zone, those fears can stop you from starting your blog, and you end up procrastinating time and time again.

    In the end, you realize that you haven’t started your project, and your fears have grown stronger and stronger. Strangely enough, they even start to make sense.

    But don’t let them cripple you, or make you not start that blog you’ve been dreaming of for months or years.

    Be comfortable with the idea that these fears will haunt you through your entire blogging journey. They do the same to me. They do the same to the smartest bloggers out there.

    So, let’s get back to the title. The expectations.

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